Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Additional Vessels Expected This Weekend

Clayton, New York (June 15, 2011) – Sailing Seaway Clayton presented by Davidson Auto Group and Lake Ontario Realty announced today that two additional vessels are expected to be on display this Friday at the Thousand Islands Regional Dock at Frink Park.

A classic beauty that graced the Thousand Islands back in the early 1900s is expected to make a return visit to Clayton on Friday. Cangarda, a 110-year old antique steam yacht, will make its way back to Clayton after a brief stop at the end of May before going on and spending recent weeks touring Canadian villages along the Seaway. The yacht is expected to return to Clayton in order to have its large masts taken down in order for the yacht to continue on its journey along the Erie Canal system.

Known for hosting lavish parties, Canadian Prime Ministers and being loaned to the Canadian Navy as a training vessel during World War II, Cangarda recently underwent more than $12 million in restorations.

The yacht will not be available for boarding or public tours.

In addition to the yacht, the Jefferson County Sherriff’s R.A.V.E. Unit (Recreation and Vessel Enforcement) will be on hand for Cerow Agency ‘Boater Safety Day’ with their 30-foot patrol boat.

The patrol boat, which is named after Deputy Michael J. Finerson who was shot and killed on September 9, 1970 was built locally by Sailing Seaway Clayton sponsor MetalCraft Marine based in Clayton.

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