Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update From Tall Ship Lynx During Their Journey - Part 3

Evening of June 7 -

Alongside Sector M-5, Upper Montreal Port

If you have ever had a long airport layover on an international flight, you know exactly how Lynx and her crew do right now. Having made our tide and gotten through "The Rapids" last night just before midnight, Lynx was not in a position to make Montreal before the close of business hours for the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority, and so is unable to continue her passage to Ogdensburg.

The Seaway Authority governs the use of the system of locks, canals and waterways between Montreal and mid-Lake Erie. As such, they need to inspect each vessel intending to transit the Seaway to ensure that the is no risk to the equipment or to navigation - a slowdown of traffic between the Atlantic and the American/Canadian heartland would have devastating effects on world commerce. Sailing vessels, particularly those with yards, are a great concern because while the ship may fit fine in the lock, the yards can overhang and do damage. So even through she has been through once before, Lynx must be re-approved for transit. This will happen tomorrow morning at 0800, alongside the approach wall for the first of the seven locks between here and Ogdensburg.

When first we realized we could not arrive in time to be inspected today, we had intended to anchor in a designated area near the lock. But the Harbor Master of Montreal was concerned about the holding ground in the 2 knots of current and pulse of 20 knots Southwesterly wind, so he offered us a dock in the commercial sector of the port. We accepted, but as we already cleared out of Canada and were not interested in all the paperwork associated with another clearance, we are confined to the ship. A layover, just like at an airport. Except there are not book stores, no food court and no duty free stores. There is only the promise of a good night's sleep before we start the last and most vertical leg of our passage.

All best,
Captain Jamie Trost and the ship-confined crew of Lynx

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